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It all started in 2013.  New York City resident Ancela Nastasi had recently adopted a bullmastiff puppy named George.  Around the same time, Ancela’s job became a 24/7 responsibility.  And to top it all off, a few days before George arrived home, Ancela’s boyfriend broke up with her.  This combination of events left Ancela with no way to rear young George.  What was Ancela to do?


Hearing what she was going through, one of Ancela’s friends said:  “Have you ever heard of Airbnb?  You have a spare studio adjoining your apartment.  Why not rent out that studio on Airbnb – and with the extra income, you can afford an assistant to help with your life and care for young George.”  And that’s exactly what Ancela did.


It’s been almost two years now, and Ancela’s studio has been rented continuously on Airbnb.  The recipient of five-star status, with "Superhost" to be awarded in January, 2015, the studio has been called “home” by more than 200 guests from around the world.  Check out Ancela’s properties here.


Along the way, Ancela perfected the technique of hosting. 
Check out her reviews here.


As an Airbnb hostess herself, Ancela founded FullCircle with the intention of helping others out of the short-term management conundrum.


As for young George, he now weighs 152 pounds, and is affectionately known as “The Mayor of Madison Avenue.”


INCREDIBLY accommodating ... could not ask for anything more ...
If I stay in NYC again, I will stay here.

Christian, September 2014

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