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What are the qualifications for becoming a FullCircle member?

At FullCircle, we set the bar very high – and we only offer membership for properties that meet our standard.  If you have a great apartment that matches FC standards, welcome!  If you have a great apartment but it does need some work, we’d be glad to help you out; we’ll give you the details on the scope of work when we meet you in person and see the space.


In addition to having a really great place, we also require proof of tenancy / ownership, direct debit for utilities, and other details of that nature.  When we meet you in person, we’ll go over the requirements.

If I become a member, can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

If I become a FullCircle member, how would FullCircle market my property?

On Airbnb.  FullCircle has five star status on Airbnb, with "Superhost" to be awarded in January of 2015.  Because of that, when you join with us, you will have the exact same status.  This means your apartment will come up highest in searches, have greatest visibility and be booked more frequently.  Based on our experience, during the peak season, your apartment will be booked an average of 85% of the time it’s available – an incredibly high occupancy rate.

If I become a FullCircle member, will I be able to list my apartment on other short-term rental website?

No.  As a FullCircle member, FC will handle your rental exclusively.

Why should I trust FullCircle?

The founder of FullCircle is herself an attorney admitted to practice in New York. Though she will not be representing you and there is no attorney / client relationship as a result of you being a FullCircle member, she is held to an incredibly high ethical standard.


What if I want to stay in my apartment some of the time?

You can stay in your apartment whenever you like.  When your apartment is available to rent through FullCircle – and when you’d like to stay in it – is entirely up to you.

How does FullCircle communicate with me?

You can call us anytime – we’re available 24/7.  Or send us an email.  Totally up to you.


Who manages the calendar for my apartment?

As a FullCircle member, you are responsible for letting us know when your apartment can be rented, and when it is not available.

After you give us that information, we will take it from there and manage all guest inquiries, bookings and comings and goings.  There is nothing else you need do.

Do I need any kind of special insurance?

We will provide you with property damage insurance up for up to $3,000 per incident. You will need to provide personal liability insurance, and property damage insurance in excess of $3,000 per incident.

How does FullCircle handle security or damage deposits?

Since we provide you with property damage insurance of $3,000 per incident, we require guests to provide a security deposit on a case-by-case basis.  If you feel strongly that you’d like a security deposit, please let us know.

If a guest damages something in the apartment, who pays for it?

The policy we provide you will cover property damage up to $3,000 per incident.  Thereafter, the insurance you provide will cover any excess damage.  Airbnb also offers protection.  Please review their website for details.

Do I still have to pay the mortgage (or rent), carrying costs, utilities and other costs associated with my apartment?

Yes, you do.

Truly grateful for such a nice accommodation with great hospitality!

Jorge, December 2013

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